About Us

Have you ever wondered how to make your own cheese, or beer, or cat food?  We did!  And Urban Kitchen SF was born as a result of that curiosity.  

Modern food production has effectively cut most urban dwellers off from the origins and innate nature of the food they eat on a daily basis. It only stands to reason that something so simple as making a sourdough starter would hold endless fascination for many of us (case in point: there really is yeast in the air -- not all breads come from Fleischmann's containers!).  

Taking an active role in the creation and preservation of one's food can permeate every aspect of your life, but it can also just be something you do for fun with friends.  Topics taught in our classes don't require a big investment in equipment, and we try to make sure that the "starter kits" contain everything you need to practice your new skills at home.

Getting your hands dirty, be it with bread dough or garden soil, is surprisingly satisfying.  We suggest you try it once in a while! 

Check out our classes, or consider buying a gift certificate for a friend!