Makin' Mead

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Learn the secrets to making mead--and take home your own gallon to ferment at home--at this hands-on class taught by renowned apiarist, Robert MacKimmie of City Bees.  Speculated to be mankind's first fermented beverage, mead is easy to make at home, yet fine enough to serve at special occasions (read: no better way to impress guests at your next party).

Participants will mix their gallon of mead under Robert's ever-watchful eye, ensuring delicious results.  The class will also discuss and review more advanced recipes for Cyser (apple and honey wine) and Melomel (fruit and honey).  Best of all, plenty of tasty samples will be provided.  Each participant goes home with a gallon jug of mead and recipes, ready to ferment!

Date & Time: Tuesday, March 29, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Location: Women's Building*, Audre Lorde Room, 3543 18th Street, between Guerrero St. and Valencia St. (a few blocks from BART and MUNI's J Church line)
Cost: $54**

Instructor Bio

Robert MacKimmie of City Bees has been an apiarist for 14 years and has been fermenting wine, mead and ale for nearly two decades. He utilizes natural beekeeping methods and provides great attention to his bees in order to produce exquisite microclimate honeys from individual San Francisco neighborhoods. He suggests equally high standards when producing fermented beverages of all varieties.

*We know what you're thinking, and no, you don't have to be a woman to take a class at the Women's Building.  In fact, we think there will be a lot of dudes at this workshop - it's just a great location and space (and totally welcoming for men).

**Need-based sliding scale pricing available.  Email for details.