Crottinis and Tominos (Fresh Cheese Fun) with The Milk Maid

posted Apr 22, 2012, 8:25 AM by Emily Dore

Continuing with the theme of CUESA's goat month - we brought you crottin (puck shaped goat cheese) and tomini (puck shaped cow cheese) as the second class in The Milk Maid's cheesemaking series. We all learned how to season our cheese, decorate with vegetable ash, and work on growing a white coat. We also tasted numerous examples made by the Milk Maid and other expert cheese makers. We tasted and saw the difference of cheeses aged for various weeks - apparently, the older the cheese, the gooier (yummm)! Participants brought home a starter kit which included a cheese form, cultures, cheese salt, rennet, vegetable ash and instructions to continue the cheese making on their own.