Pickling Party - July 17, 2009

posted Jul 22, 2010, 10:58 AM by Kateryna Rakowsky
They came, they prepped, they pickled... 

Pics from UKSF's first-ever Pickling Party!

On Friday, July 17th, UKSF and Happy Girl Kitchen Co. hosted a rockin' (food-wise) pickling party on Pier 26 in San Francisco.

The Two Todds (from left, Todd Champagne and Todd Gonzales) from Happy Girl Kitchen Co. instructed the sold out class on the finer points of pickling, providing a brief history of preserving food and explaining differences between pickling methods.  

Todd and Todd taught the class two methods, creating classic dills pickled in a vinegar solution and processed in a hot water bath, as well as sour dill cucumbers naturally fermented in a sea salt water brine. 

We've loaded a few photos from the event (and more info on Happy Girl Kitchen Co.) below: 

Participants packing jars with fresh cucumbers, pickling spices, garlic and dill...


Here, Todd Gonzales processes jars in the kitchen while participants look on...

One participant fills her jar with salt water brine.

A happy spread of pickled goodness, along with freshly made jam and other treats, provided sustenance to our hard workers.  

In the end, everyone left laden with jars: one jar each of sour dill cucumbers and classic dills, as well as a third jar to use at home, pre-packed with pickling spices and dill.  

(<--- Happy Participant)

...And as an extra bonus, participants were invited to take home as many fresh cucumbers as they could carry, and all were provided with formal membership in Happy Girl Kitchen Co.'s Preservationist Society!*

*This is actually pretty cool -- members get the chance to buy heavily discounted produce when Happy Girl Kitchen Co. buys certain fruits and vegetables in bulk, allowing them to take advantage of surpluses and thus pickle to their hearts' content!  The special discounts are only available to individuals who have taken a class with instructors from Happy Girl Kitchen Co.

Want to learn more about Happy Girl Kitchen Co., their products and other awesome classes? Check them out atwww.happygirlkitchen.com, join their Facebook page (search for Happy Girl Kitchen Co.), or follow their Twitter feed (@happygirl_co.)!