Is Urban Homesteading Keeping Women Down? - UKSF talks to GOOD

posted Jul 22, 2010, 12:08 PM by Kateryna Rakowsky

Twilight Greenaway
November 2, 2009 

...Kateryna Wetmore, who runs Urban Kitchen SF, also believes in expanding the discussion beyond typical gender rhetoric. At the classes she and her colleagues teach, she’s seen women and an increasing number of men hoping to fill what she sees as  “a critical vacuum left in the American kitchen.”

Rather than a gender battleground, Wetmore says, “the kitchen is now a space colonized by entities whose objectives are profit over nutrition and convenience over community.” The last several decades of advertising, she believes, has “discouraged our participation in the production and preservation of our own food by cloaking it in a veil of 1950s imagery of female bondage.”

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