Urban Kitchen in the NY Times!

posted Jul 22, 2010, 12:09 PM by Kateryna Rakowsky
The New York Times

United by Adventurous Palates and Limited Budgets
Published: December 4, 2009

Many grass-roots food groups have formed recently in the Bay Area with the goal of connecting people to one another, and to the producers who feed them...

[One] group creating a nonprofit is Urban Kitchen SF (urbankitchensf.com), which offers hands-on cooking classes. One of its founders is Kateryna Wetmore, 31. During a leave of absence from her law career, she and her husband lived in Lund, Sweden, where he was working. There, Ms. Wetmore spent her time wandering the markets and cooking. When the couple returned to San Francisco last spring, Ms. Wetmore’s job in corporate law had disappeared.

She wanted to continue her food education but couldn’t afford the hands-on classes that were available. So she organized a low-cost workshop on the fermented drink kombucha, at a community center.

It was the kind of event that appealed to people seeking a more personal experience with food, like Caitlin Gorman, 34. She said she used to spend $4 on her daily bottle of kombucha before learning how to make it in the class; it now costs her 10 to 15 cents. “It’s nice to know I made it,” she said. “There’s a disconnect with our food that doesn’t feel right, and I feel that’s why people are doing these classes.”

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