What's in season now?

posted Jul 22, 2010, 11:49 AM by Kateryna Rakowsky
You know it's better to eat local, seasonal food, but it's not always the easiest thing to remember what's in season, when.  We've compiled some of our favorite sources providing that info., below. Sources specific to Northern California. 

...and, once you've figured out what to buy, check out the Chron's list of Farmer's Markets for a location near you!

 The Local Foods Wheel is a cardstock wheel 12" in diameter, aimed to help you identify what foods are grown in the SF region, and what is in season at various times of the year.  Handy reference for shopping, with illustrations to help identify foods. 
Cost: Available for $12.95.
Where: order it from their website, or hit one of the following stores to pick one up in person -- Alexander Book Co.,  Bi-Rite Market,  Bay Crossings,   Booksmith,  Crissy Field Center,  Green Apple Books,  The Green Arcade,  Modern Times Bookstore,   Mission Pie,  Omnivore: Books on Food,  Rainbow Grocery  

What: Print-friendly chart laying out seasons month by month for various produce types. 
Cost: Free.
Where: On-line, print-friendly pdf available here.

What: The Fruit and Vegetable Harvest Calendar, provided by the Seasonal Chef, is a utilitarian chart breaking down seasons for produce by month. 
Cost: Free.
Where: On-line, at SeasonalChef.com.

CUESA Vegetable Calendar (Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market)

What: CUESA's Vegetable Calendar provides the standard chart, in print-friendly format, as well as an interactive site that informs visitors which farms grow a vegetable and what varieties are sold at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. Vegetables are divided into two categories: "dark green indicates that a product can be found at the market, and is being harvested, while light green indicates that it can be found in the market but is not within its natural harvest season (possible through storage or hot house production)." We're not entirely sure hot house production counts as "seasonal," but we figured we'd include it anyway.
Cost: Free.
Where: On-line (see link above for interactive calendar), less detailed print-friendly pdf available here.