Worms. 2000 of them.

posted Jul 22, 2010, 11:56 AM by Kateryna Rakowsky

Don't knock it!  If you haven't already read the NYTimes piece on vermicomposting, you should.  And you, too, will be convinced that it's the best way ever to compost -- even for apartment dwellers (check out this YouTube how-to on "Apartment Composting").  

After a long wait and one tragically failed attempt at worm delivery, I finally got my order.  For the vermi-curious, I have chronicled my worms' trip from box to bin, below.  

1. Here they are in the box.  Nice and clean and sterile-looking.

2. And here's one trying to make a break for it.  (Sorry, little man...)

3. ...deposited into the bin (look closely, you can kind of see them under the peat moss):

4. And all covered up:

Worm bin -- ready to vermicompost!